Podiatry is the treatment of lower limb problems. It may include carrying out special examinations and tests such as gait analysis, computer foot pressure testing, video gait analysis, blood tests or x-rays if necessary. Treatment will include advice, exercises, providing prescription foot supports known as orthoses or referral for foot surgery. As well as incorporating the traditional treatments carried out by Chiropodists; treatment of foot problems to provide comfort. This includes nail care, removal of hard skin/corns, treatment of verrucae, infection and application of pads.

Foot problems affect athletes and sedentary people alike and can cause pain in the lower back and other joints by changing how you walk or run. Foot problems include infections, sporting or overuse injuries or can be the consequence of some systemic diseases, such as diabetes.

Many people, young and old, rely on Podiatrists to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Podiatrist is a healthcare professional who is qualified to diagnose, treat and prevent foot problems. Working with you the patient to formulate  a treatment plan to suite your lifestyle and expectations. Podiatrists are an integral part of the healthcare team liaising with Doctors, Hospitals, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to provide a complete healthcare solution for you.



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