Your feet are a very valuable tool, which in a vast majority of people are over looked until they have a problem with them. As with most of the human body any problem which is diagnosed early enough can often be resolved with very basic treatment. In some cases advice may be the only treatment you will need.
 As we progress into old age, the body starts to wear out. The legs and feet are subjected to years of relentless wear, if they are not looked after they may stop working for you when you need them.


Most of us have hard skin or thick nails that are hard to get rid of. If left, not only can your feet become uncomfortable and sore but you are at risk of creating a more serious problem with your feet.

Also untreated the hard skin on your feet can turn into a corn which can cause serious levels of pain and discomfort. By regularly removing the hard skin and corns the symptoms can be successfully managed. Corrective devices individually tailored to your foot shape can, in some cases greatly reduce the build up of hard skin, reducing the need for long term treatment


For certain members of society, their medical conditions have a great impact on the health of their feet. Diabetes, Arthritis and vascular impaired clients require regular monitoring of their condition to avoid long term complications such as the development of ulcers. 

We can compliment your NHS treatment by offering annual assessments as part of your routine treatment. Liaising with other members of the healthcare team and your GP can avoid the need to attend for a special appointment. 

It maybe, due to conditions such as Arthritis, you simply cannot hold a pair of nail cutters or get down to your feet. Or for the visually impaired, you just canít see your toes to safely cut your nails




The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet and the lower limb (the leg) are a complicated and integrated system which not only allows you to stand, run and walk but also allows you to lead an independent life. 

When a problem with one or more of these structures develops it can leave you with disabling pain. Ruptured tendons are common in the foot due to over use or excessive forces being applied through the foot. By relieving pressures in the foot many of the symptoms can be eased or relieved allowing the affected part of the foot time to heal. 

A comprehensive treatment of musculoskeletal problems will culminate in a program of rehabilitation involving light exercise and stretching exercises.



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